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Helpful Social Studies Activities For 1st Grade

There are some great ways to help your child succeed in school. It may take a little extra time and effort on your part but you can create some helpful activities that are going to help you student learn the things that have to be learned. When you need to help your 1st grade student with their Social Studies homework, there are a few activities that you can do to help them succeed.


A fun way to get your little one to learn about the important events and people is to create a crossword puzzle. You can get a sheet of graph paper and write the words sown that you want to get your little one to learn. Make sure that at least one answer has the same answer as another answer so that all of the answers link together. Use the graph paper to write down the answers and then create your problems. You can then label them and create a crossword out of them.

Map fun

One way to have the students learn the information is by using maps. You can have them identify cities where major events occurred or have them color the various areas. It is one of the most productive activities for them because it creates a visual of what they need to learn.


Another way to help your student learn about a culture or place. You can have them create a postcard. They can pretend that they are in a country. The one side should be a hand drawn picture of something that they would see in the country that they chose. The other side should be a letter telling about what they saw and what they learned from the place. It is a fun assignment that will also teach them a lot.

Park map

You can teach them how to read a map by having them create a map about their favorite park or even your house. You will include all of the things that can be important to identify. That means that you can have them create a legend that explains what symbol is the mountains and what symbol signifies the other features.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to help your child with their social studies homework, visit this website. It will have many ideas that will be very helpful.

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