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Spelling Homework: 7 Important Points To Consider

Spelling homework is a necessity for two types of students; kids who need to learn words and their spellings and people who wish to learn foreign language and need to do the same. There are different types of interesting assignments for them.

The pointers to consider

While it may trigger dramatic improvement in students if you think of intelligent assignments, you should keep note of certain factors so as not to lose your way. Here are some of the pointers for your convenience –

  1. Keeping to standard – The assignment should stick to the standard of kids. You cannot expect them to learn 20 words daily or words that are too difficult for them. Use your brains in this sphere.

  2. The interest factor – There should be enough interest generated in the assignment so that kids look up to them on a daily basis. Thus it is important to invest passion in planning these assignments.

  3. The repetition factor – You shall not miss out on assignments that make kids repeat words they learn. Otherwise they will forget the same words in a hurry. This is by far the most important type of spelling assignment.

  4. Indulge them in activity – Those assignments that involve activity with kids drive the point home more than the other assignments. It of course depends on your creativity to craft it in such a way.

  5. Consult with parents – Request parents to be an active part of their learning process. Kids learn better with people they are frank and friendly with. Add to that, there is something special that a mother knows.

  6. The color syndrome – Use these assignments as a tool to improve their cognitive skill as well. An interesting faction in this context is the use of colors (bold colors or disparate colors for different words). These cast their mark on the kids’ mind.

  7. Check-up – You cannot miss out on checking the words and spellings that kids have learnt. When they revise the same with you, they become more determined and thorough. Kids’ brains are anyway quite absorbing in nature.

An acute planning

You should plan the spelling homework in such a way that the kids learn, enjoy and look forward to the process. You can ask them to invent games about the same or learn to describe things with the words they have learnt. They can also create a worm of alphabets used to conjure the words they have just summated.

Writing Tips

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