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homework tips to help you succeed even if you're not an eager-beaver


Most students are not too keen on paying for homework but it’s something that we have to do either to reinforce what we have been learning in the classroom or to prepare for the next class. Generally your grades go towards the overall course results so it is a good idea to have a great plan to tackle homework and succeed.

Getting the Info right. When your tutor sets the work make sure that you have all the right details.

  • The instructions – what have you been asked to do? Ideally your tutor will have provided written instructions (or they are on the course page of the school or college intranet) so you can easily refer back to them.
  • When does the work need to be submitted? Once you know the date put it in your diary (or add to the calendar on your phone/android or laptop).
  • What are the other instructions? Is there a word or page count? What referencing system do you need to use?
  • Do you need any resources? (This is especially useful to check on, if you have a practical project to complete). PayTheGeek, for example, could be useful.

Planning. This is very valuable use of time.

  • Spend a bit of time analysing exactly what the remit. What actually are you being asked to do?? Make a few notes of how you think that you will tackle the work.
  • If you are in any doubt about what you have been asked to do, have a chat with your tutor as they will be able to clarify any problems.
  • Work out a timetable. Work backwards from the submission date. Pick a date that is a few days earlier than that date, just in case you have had to juggle with other commitments.
  • Be realistic on your time. Make sure than you allow yourself time to read through your work to make any changes.

Additional Help.

  • The task can sometimes be more interesting when you are working with one of the other students or form a homework group.
  • If you get stuck, always go back to your tutor for advice.
  • Ideally you need someone to read through your work, either get a friend who is good at proofreading and give you an honest opinion.
  • You could also choose to look online for homework help websites. Look for a site that has good recommendations and provides samples of their work. You may even have the chance of some free support.


  • There is nothing worse than trying to get your work completed when you are uncomfortable.
  • Decide what conditions are the best for you. Do you work best in a Library? In your room or in front of the TV?
  • What level of noise promotes a good level of concentration for you? For some people it is silence, for others they cannot concentrate unless they have some background noise.
  • Keep your times realistic. Don’t try to work for 3-4 hours at a stretch if you have been in the classroom all day. Divide the time and do something different such as go for a walk or chat to a friend.


  • Set yourself rewards. Choose rewards that are important to you.
  • If you like chocolate don’t always choose chocolate as a reward.
  • Don’t neglect friends and social activities. Strike a balance.
  • When you reach out for your reward make sure that you have met your milestone. Be firm with yourself of what you have to achieve to get the reward.

Use homework as a tool for revision.

  • Keep any notes that you have made as you progress through your assignments. You may find them invaluable later.
  • As you work, you may think of additional questions regarding your course – make a note.
  • Take a little time to file away any interesting facts or figures.
  • Don’t rely on writing notes on scraps of paper, use a note book or put directly on your android or laptop (name the file accordingly).

Good Luck!

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