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Top 10 Interesting Facts About The History Of Homework In England

Whether or not homework is beneficial is one of the biggest controversies in education around the world. In classrooms from Alaska to the UK, teachers, parents, administrators, and educational experts have been arguing the pros and cons of students needing to complete classwork outside of the class. All of this talk about current homework policies brings out the talk of historical policies. Here are some interesting facts about assignments in England and around the world:

  • It has been assigned to students since the mid-1800s.

  • Students who are more able to complete work on their own are given more work than students who are perceived as being less capable to complete it on their own.

  • Girls take more time to complete their work than boys do.

  • The amount of work given increases as students progress through the different grade levels.

  • Teachers who treat work as important have students who get their work done. Those who do not treat it as something important will not have as many assignments completed by their students.

  • Students who like school will do their work.

  • Students ignore advice that work should be done in a quiet place. Most do their work with the radio or TV on.

  • When Russia launched Sputnik, more work was given around the world.

  • Many believe the perfect amount of work is the “10-minute” rule: 10 minutes of work for every grade the student is in. So, 90 minutes in 9th grade.

  • Elementary age students get more work than high school students.

Why Assigning Work is Problematic

There are several reasons that assigning work outside of school is controversial. Since many assignments require the use of the Internet, students who do not have it are at a disadvantage. Students who have disabilities with math or reading also suffer when they have to complete assignments without help from a teacher.

The Problem with Commitments

Many students, especially older ones, have commitments that they must fulfill when school is finished for the day. Many students are responsible for taking care of younger siblings. Others have to go to work. There are also plenty of students who participate in sports and extracurricular activities like musicals. Some students give their time to volunteer work. When assignments are given, students have to choose between their commitments and completing the assignments. In many cases, the commitments win.

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