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What Can I Do If My Math Homework Is Too Hard?

Most students find math the most difficult school subject. It’s like with music: either you have a knack for it, or you don’t. All those sums, equations, and numbers can be so tricky that you may feel at a loss with your assignment. Here are some suggestions to help you get your homework done by whatever means.

  • Use teamwork.
  • Join efforts with your classmates. Distribute the task among group, maybe in pairs, to ease the workload. Decide which of you is competent enough to take on the more complicated part and who will do the simpler one. Try not to work separately, so that you can follow the solution of a problem step by step.

  • Use examples.
  • Read carefully through the notes taken during your math class. There you’ll find some theoretical basics and rules concerning the given task. Usually teachers provide students with an example illustrating application of the rules. Analyze it, find common features, and try to use analogy.

  • Approach your parents.
  • Perhaps one of your parents was pretty good at math during their schooldays. It may turn out they’ve forgotten a lot, so give them your notes and books to refresh their memory. Maybe together you’ll cope with that problem.

  • Ask your teacher.
  • Don’t hesitate to stay after class and ask your teacher to explain the points you have difficulty with. Teachers are the right people to consult because their learning and teaching experience enables them to use an individual approach to your particular case. Moreover, it’s a rare teacher that wouldn’t be glad to be asked and eager to share their knowledge.

  • Refer to the answers section.
  • Usually math textbooks contain a page with answers to the tasks. It’s deliberately included in the books in order to give students an opportunity to check themselves. Proceeding from the answer, you can try to develop an algorithm of calculation in the reverse direction.

  • Find a tutor.
  • Teachers at school usually focus on good students, and move forward with the syllabus without taking into account those who are behind. If you’re really having trouble with math, maybe you should think about hiring a private teacher. They will explain in detail the incomprehensible areas and help with your homework.

  • Get online help.
  • As a last resort, you can visit math forums and ask for help there. It’s also possible, but not recommended, to use online math problem solvers.

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