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How To Learn Spelling Rules Easily: Homework Tips

Learning to spell correctly is very crucial; students should be careful right from the beginning. With proper guidance, one is expected to spell correctly. There are some ways which helps the students to remember the spelling using simple technique. If you happen to make a lot of spelling mistakes, then read further:

Tips for improving spelling mistakes

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, surely you have heard, this is something you need to follow. Every time, you make a mistake while writing spelling, and if you are conscious about the wrong spelling, then do put some effort to check dictionary. Practicing the spelling in a notebook on a regular basis will help you to gain confidence. As you keep practicing and trying to improve, you will make progress. But pay attention to make it a habit to practice spelling, this will further help you to improve.

Review and re-read what you have written

Make a list of spellings that you are learning and make it a point to make them correct at the earliest. Reviewing what you have already written in the copy, at times helps you to check and make necessary changes. As you get into this habit of checking and revising the words you have written, you will be able to make a big change and this will be taking you towards mastering the art of spell words correctly.

Here are some common ways how you can spell correctly

  • Hope you are familiar with this sentence, “Silent e helps a vowel say its name.” If you try to understand this, then the meaning will be, a vowel word ending with silent e. If you pronounce the vowel then it will sound lengthy. Read this spelling you will be able to spot the difference, rate and rat, cube and cub many more. This technique helps you to write correct spellings, if you apply them while writing notes or even doing your homework.

  • Here is another expression, you may have come across this “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.” If we break this down, the meaning that you will get, two vowels which comes together in a word has extended sound compared to the second alphabet and this remains silent. And that is the reason, it is always team instead of taem, it’s not wiat but wait.
  • This simple technique will surely help you, if you make it a habit of practicing and improving yourself. In return this will enable you to do your homework with lesser amount of spelling mistake.

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