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In Search Of Checked Answers To Physics Homework

There are certain times when we want to check our Physics answers with its complete solution. Most of the times, concepts are clear to us but as we start doing homework, we are stuck in the mid of the problem. No matter how hard we try and apply the concepts, we fail to reach nowhere. The basic reason behind it is that we keep solving the problem in hand without understanding what has been asked from us.

Though you may find solution of your Physics problems at various places but it is not necessary that all the provided solutions along with their answers are correct. Most of such resources are either not authenticated or don’t fall under validated sources. The answer along with the solution may look correct to us but actually, the solutions or the answers even do not fall close to it. This ends in teaching yourself with the incorrect solution.

Following are some of the 5 highly authenticated sources referring which you never have to worry about its accuracy.

  1. Text books Resources: Text books prescribed by the professors are the first source of assistance to the students. Apart from that your professors understand the importance of abundant practice and hence do not hesitate to tell students about additional supplementary resources written by renowned authors. Many such additional books act as a great hand to solve questions.

  2. Textbook related Websites: Furthermore, you can find many web pages that are specially introduced for practice purpose and additional knowledge of the students. If you want rigorous practice, you can solve problems from there. Such web pages also provide additional assistance as in defining the term and their utility in Physics in various spheres of life. Such resources are usually free to the students and are of great help to them.

  3. Informational websites: Apart from your textbook websites, you can find ample number of other useful websites too that assist you topic wise. Feed the keywords in search engine and find worksheets that have related problems along with its solution. The figures may differ but you can greatly benefit in terms of finding an ultimate solution. Such problems clear your concepts commendably making your fundamentals clear.

  4. Video Tutorials: Videos are an excellent piece of information. Watch any number of them and any number of times that you want.

  5. Hire tutors: You can also go hiring for a tutor in order to get exact solution of your problem but that may sound expensive to you.

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