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Advice From A Former Student On How Finish Homework Being Too Tired

Some students get less than 5 hours of sleep each night because of doing homework assignments. The problem is that the more tired your mind is, the slower it works. As a result, you spend plenty of time studying, but still can’t keep up. The following advice is provided by a former student who gathered useful tips on how not to lose the motivation and complete your schoolwork successfully when you’re very tired.

How to Find the Motivation to Continue Doing Your Homework

  • Break large tasks into smaller parts and prioritize them.
  • To start yourself thinking, revise class notes, scan a textbook chapter, and then get started. It’s a lot easier and faster to work step-by-step. Besides, you can postpone some assignments and focus only on the most urgent ones.

  • Remember about the consequences.
  • Consider what happens if you don’t complete your homework. Will you receive a bad grade? Will you fail the test or disappoint your instructor on the exam? Apparently, your parents won’t be happy neither.

  • Think of potential benefits.
  • Completing your assignments will help you understand the material, learn something new, and master your skills. Your professor will be impressed by your effort and your parents will appreciate your high grades.

    How to Keep Studying Instead of Falling Asleep

    • Use a planner.
    • In truth, it helps when you see a to-do list and can cross a completed task out. So, you know how much homework you have completed and track what you still have to cope with this evening.

    • Choose whatever kind of music that keeps you energetic.
    • Although most educators recommend turning off any noises, music with lyrics can help you focus and keep studying. So, select something to play in the background to stay in the comfort zone.

    • Keep your mobile on.
    • If you text your friends sharing the last news, asking for help, or making plans for the weekend, you’re likely to return to solving math problems or writing an essay, as long as you don’t go overboard.

    • Don’t drink too much coffee.
    • A cup of coffee can make a difference for a short period of time, but most students agree that it doesn’t help them increase brain activity. On the contrary, a gum may be quite helpful unless you play with it in your fingers.

    • Ask for some assistance.
    • If you have an older sibling, don’t hesitate to ask for some help. If someone else checks your assignment, you save time and can move to next task so that you’ll complete your study session faster.

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