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The Benefits Of Homework: A Few Important Aspects

Outside of school, students usually have to complete the assignments called homework. The tasks may differ, but it often takes more than three hours a day to deal with all of them. Most students hate doing school work at home while many teachers also would prefer not to assign homework. The debate on homework includes a few important aspects that illustrate the key benefits of studying after school:

  • Students learn something new at home.
  • It is never enough time to complete everything in class, so teachers usually assign special tasks as homework. Students simply do not have enough time to read a novel, watch a video tutorial, or write a research paper in class. One of the important benefits of such assignments is that they allow more time in class for other activities.

  • Practice makes permanent.
  • Having some extra independent practice is great for students. They practice skills that they have learned in class and gain new ones. Students also memorize important things at home, such as times tables, grammar rules, and word spelling. Developing problem-solving skills also requires practice at home.

  • Pre-teach assignments help students learn more efficiently in class.
  • Teachers often ask students to do pre-teach tasks at home. For example, they read a novel before it is discussed in class, learn new vocabulary, and answer different questions. Although some students argue that they have a hard time doing pre-teach assignments, teachers agree that this learning technique is very effective.

  • Home assignments can be individualized so that students get extra practice on the skills they need to improve.
  • Teachers can help students improve the skills that they are struggling with by providing individualized tasks. This saves teacher’s time in class and allows him or her to work with each student independently. Students often like doing such assignments since they understand that the tasks are designed in order to help them understand the material.

  • Dealing with homework helps students gain important life skills.
  • When students work on their assignments at home, they learn how to organize their time and find out what tips are useful for efficient learning. They practice using selecting credible resources and using them while studying. Students also practice teamwork while dealing with group projects.

All the important aspects listed above support the point that homework has its benefits. However, each student has a different opinion whether it is a good idea to study a couple hours after school. Either way, it seems that teachers cannot avoid assigning homework these days.

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