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How Homework Overload Affects Students: 5 Points To Consider

Homework is an essential part of every student life. It’s aimed at enabling the student to learn how to supervise themselves and read on their own. This method of study is very effective in ensuring that the student remains sharp academically always. However, if there is homework overload, the once beneficial exercise will become non-beneficial. Overload of work subjects students to too much work and can have adverse effects on them. Some of these effects include the following:


The result of not doing the assignment is often some form of punishment. Therefore, when the students are encumbered by too much work, they become nervous of the punishment they might receive. With this thought in their heads, students end up being nervous all the time. This condition is not conducive at all to learning, as it deters the serene environment that should be there for effective learning.

Family bonding

When students are engrossed in assignments all the time, it has an effect on the family bond of the family. This is because the students spend too much time trying to get done with school assignments that they got no time to spend with their family. Parents can obviously take part in helping their children. However, children prefer spending time with their parents doing something fun and not necessarily work.

School differentiation

When students are overburdened with so much work they begin to develop a dread for school. Going to school is an exercise that should be fun and so, when students relate school to too many assignments that they expect to have, then they become in differentiated from the idea of school. Therefore, the ultimate benefit of schooling is eluded from students.

Social alienation

Students love to interact and make friends more than anything. However, when they are forced to spend most of their time indoors studying and trying to complete assignments, they become a bit shy interaction with time. This in turn leads to most becoming socially incompatible and start developing antisocial behavior.

Radical behavior development

Research has shown that when someone is subjected to too much pressure, they tend to develop a negative outlook onto who is causing them the pressure. When students are overburdened with assignments they tend to lash out at some point to those that they say seems to be giving the hard time. With time, students become radical towards teachers and to their parents for taking them to school. Therefore, it’s imperative that assignment be regulated well.

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