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The Shocking Truth About What Too Much Homework Can Do To Your Health

Homework serves several positive purposes. It helps students practice new material learned and helps retain information overtime. It is used to help students get grades, extra credit and encourages them to stay productive. Yet, there are health pitfalls different studies point out about homework, especially if too much is being given. Some of this information may sound completely off and unimaginable, but with further understanding it may make sense. Here is what you need to know about too much homework and possible health connections.

Studies Show Too Much May Affect Behavior and Overall Well-Being

There are a few studies exploring possible effects on behavior and well-being if someone has too much homework. Some experts suggest this could cause a long term affect depending on how much work is done regularly and how long a student spends time working on it. This could contribute to the idea that if too many assignments at one time regularly could increase risk of stress. This factor could lead to other problems if the student doesn’t relieve it in a healthy manner.

Physical Problems Can Be a Result

Some assignments can result in physical discomfort depending on the situation. There are assignments requiring a great amount of time conducting research and writing. This could result in back and leg issues when you are not able to move around as often. Another aspect is books and backpacks. There are books that are known to make backpacks or book bags heavy. This results in strain experience in the upper and lower back areas. Some students complain about having soreness in the shoulders and neck due to carrying heavy backpacks back and forth daily.

More than 2 or 3 Hours’ Worth May Affect Life Balance

Too many hours spent doing homework can have an effect on life skills and in some cases research claims critical life skills not obtained. Health experts suggest homework assignments less than 2 hours could be productive and less stressful on students as opposed to assignments requiring more time. If possible break up the task over a matter of days to get it done without spending so much time on it at once.

Sleep Deprivation is Often Felt with Pointless Assignments

A large number of students deal with sleep deprivation. Even though it seems logic to stay up to complete work so it gets done, lack of rest could lead to other problems such as the ability to pay attention when doing other activities.

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